Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Prob022 - v/a Only Stupid Bastards Don't Like DIY

like it says on the back of this little beauty:

"Twenty diy punk rock songs all called ‘DIY’ played by twenty different international diy punk rock bands, celebrating the diy attitude and raising money for The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, England."

The 1 in 12 is a self-run, autonomous social centre run by its members, established in the early 80's which is still going strong, but is right now in desperate need of a new roof which is going to cost something in the region of £10,000.

more info about the 1 in 12 club here

100% of the money raised from this cd is going directly to the 1 in 12 club, I'm paying all the production costs myself, so please support the club and check out some cool international hardcore at the same time!

First press is 100 copies, it has a fold out sleeve with info about the bands and the club and comes with a couple of inserts. Hopefully it will sell well and a second press will follow rasining even more cash.

the price of the CD is £2.50 postpaid in the UK, for orders outside the UK get in touch first for the price.

e-mail me at dirty_little_punk (@) hotmail (dot) com to order your copy

heres a list of the bands on the comp, they're all on myspace if ya wanna check them out.

1. Dog On A Rope [England]

2. Betercore [Netherlands]

3. Cannon Fodder [Russia]

4. Cress [England]

5. Golden Starlet [England]

6. Keller Assis [Germany]

7. Chix ‘N Dix [Canada]

8. Lepeselony [Hungary]

9. Murder Disco X [Germany]

10. Over The Top [Germany]

11. Dislecksick [Canada]

12. Jumbled [USA]

13. No White Rag [Italy]

14. Opstand [France]

15. Atomgevitter [Scotland]

16. The Bollocks [malaysia]

17. Crippled Fox [Hungary]

18. Throwdown [Australia]

19. Yogyakarta [Singapore]

20. Oi Polloi [Scotland]