Saturday, 25 December 2010

The Filth and The Fury

Looks like we'll be partying like its 2005 all over again in 2011 if the Resurrection of Filthpact and Atomgevitter's rapidly expanding gig schedule are anything to go by. The 4298 Filth are gonna be going for gold next year! The Filthpact 'reunion' gig last Saturday was a belter, the guys were animated on stage and played a solid set. When they told me before hand they were gonna do 45 mins I laughed in their face 'that's way too long your gonna put everyone to sleep!' but the 45 mins zapped past in what seemed like 10, just relentless crust of the finest Aberdonian order! the only disappointment I'd say was the noticeable absence of a lot of the Aberdeen regulars, too busy polishing their baubles or hiding inside coz there's a wee bit of snow on the pavement I guess. Still those that made it along put in a fine effort - probably fueled in no small part by the copious amounts of pharmaceuticals that were doing the rounds - and when I left The Moorings at 2am there was a massive snowball fight in full swing outside and a lot of nudity focused in the direction of on-coming traffic - good old Aberdeen! anyway here's a video of the Filth boys rocking it total crust violence style.

In other 4298 news....

Ploppy Pants #12 is printed, just need to get the flexi-discs sorted, expect it to be available from February. I should have Some Ploppy Pants and Gaelic Vegan t-shirts for sale in the new year too, pics of them when they arrive, they'll be £7.50 each postpaid.

I still have some Problem? records stuff for sale, but not much. I'll start archiving the out of print stuff in the new year. The final release will be the Eat Yer Greens discography cdr which will be a benefit for Sea Shepherd so please support it!