Saturday, 5 February 2011

"this is real hairy arsed country, you'll no find any tofu here"

so i caught a bit of TV this weekend including a show with the worlds second most famous Scot (after Mel of course) Billy Connoly - what a fucking tosser! In his program he went to Canada to cut down a tree and said something along the lines of "this is real hairy arsed country, you'll no find any tofu here." I'm assuming the implication here is that vegan/vegetarians would not be 'manly' enough for this 'hairy arsed' work and veganism and vegetarian is a byword for physical weakness, which is of course utter horseshit, but horseshit that still seems to carry enough weight to get aired on prime-time television. For the record Billy, I, and many like me, have chopped up many a tree in our time and we didn't have to eat a bacon sandwich to get the job done either.

Choosing compasion for our fellow species is what makes us strong, not how hairy are arses are.

so Billy:

Wellie Boot song - ok

Super Gran theme - ingrained in my brain

The Boondock Saints - unintentionally funny

everything else - fuck off!

why vegan?