Thursday, 31 March 2011


mitch and 'the new guy'

Are well and truely back! The gig at the 13th note on the 19th, their third since the ressurection, saw them on top form, blasting through all the classics and getting to grips with some new numbers, some of which are slated for a split 7" with ex-Filthmonger Ben's new group Debacle. The 7" is set to be released on a bunch of our favourite DIY labels this summer and I'm sure it will be reeking it out stereos all over, more info here when I go it!

like Status Quo, but smellier!

In the mean time check out the Moshpit Tragedy (yeah, it is a terrible name) website, where all of Filthpacts previous material is available for grabs in 2 tidy doses Plague carriers of the Crust Apocalypse' and 'Total Crust Violence' (the latter previously released on ma own Problem? Records comes highly recomended!)

total crust violence

To round this Filthy five minutes off nicley, here's an interview with guitaist T-bags from way back in 2004!

see ya on the road/at the gigs