Friday, 29 April 2011

stand up and sprout!

sprouts are a great way to get lots of good vitamins into your diet, but I'm no nutritionist so read up on the health benefits here.

some happy sprouted brown lentils, ready to munch!

making a sprouts at home is a doddle, you don't need any fancy kit. A shop bought sprouter like the 3 tray sprouter like in the picture below is pretty handy if ya want lots of sprouts but when i first started sprouting seeds I used a metal sieve and an old peanut butter bucket, its really not rocket science, or even pushbike science, its dead simple.

mung beans, alfalfa seeds and brown lentils

sprouting seeds basically involves choosing your seed, soaking them, draining them and then a repeat cycle of rinsing and draining at regular intervals. how long you do the initial soak (if at all) and how many times you rinse and drain depends on factors like the type of seed and how sprouted you want 'em (a wee spicy tail or a long juicy one?)

here's a more detailed description of how to get started sprouting

sprouted buckwheat, not actually a grain but from the same family as rhubarb,
a good slow release carbohydrate, get 'em in yer smoothies!

hygiene is the key issue you crusty soap dodgers. Make sure you keep all the equipment you use for your sprouts spick and span, and make sure you drain your sprouts properly so that no moulds can get set in - remember as well as being super nutritious sprouts are also super cheap so if in doubt, chuck 'em out!

some sprouted mung beans, ready to munch

having said that if your sprouts are well looked after they should keep happily for days in the fridge ready to jump into your salads, smoothies, wraps, soups, sarnies etc etc

some of my faves for sprouting are:

mung beans
adzuki beans
alfalfa seeds
brown lentils

cheap nutritious and tasty, its time to stand up and sprout!

Super Simple Raw Veggie Wraps


handful of spinach
handful of pumpkin seeds
handful of sprouted buckwheat
1 clove garlic (more or less depending on your taste)
juice of half a lemon


two large cabbage leaves (I used spring greens)
handful of grated carrot
handful of grated red cabbage
handful of sprouted brown lentils
1 chopped beef tomato
a little olive oil or hemp seed oil for dressing


zap all the sauce ingredients together with a blender and spread over one side of the cabbage leaves, put all the other stuff on top, fold the cabbage over, eat!!

disclaimer: I have no idea if Dio liked sprouts, but I like to listen to Dio while I'm sprouting.

more information about a vegan diet can be found here