Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Its a Punk Rock Life, that is to say better 6 months late than never.

Finally, it's here, better late than never etc etc etc,

Issue 12 of Ploppy Pants fanzine complete with the Wankys flexi disc

Issue 12" of Ploppy Pants fanzine (last 6 issues all made MRR top ten) features a full report on The Wankys 2010 USA tour, interviews with Chaos Destroy and Lotus Fucker and features on Dawn of Humans, Who Killed Spikey Jacket and Metalucifer, all together its 28 pro printed A4 pages of Noise Punk goodness.

The Wankys flexi disc has been specially recorded to accompany this issue of the zine, and features 2 tracks: Please For Fuck Me and It's A Punk Rock Life. More classic Noise Punk from these scene veterans, paying homage to their roots through the flexi disc format

500 pressed, less than 90 left and selling fast - £4 UK/£5 Europe postpaid - USA contact - whydotheylive@yahoo.com

Atomgevitter - Thrash Ritual CD

7 years in the making, our 'debut' album Thrash Ritual is out out now. 40 tracks from various different recording sessions over the years, over half unreleased, all remastered, re plastered and rethrashtered for your bed room circle pitting pleasure. If your more of the chillin out in a chair with cup of herb tea whilst listening to 3 Scots and a Kraut thrash themselves senseless persuasion you can enjoy the 24page full colour booklet full of lyrics, explanations, humorous tales, badly lit pictures of us falling over on stage in far away lands etc whilst blastin this little beauty

300 pressed, less than 80 left - £5 UK / £6 Europe postpaid

Ploppy Pants t-shirts

I have one small and one medium left, be the coolest cat at the gig this summer! £7.50 post paid in the UK

Eat Yer Greens - Noiseography CDR

compilation of the demos of my first band 'Eat yer Greens', rudimentary 'political' and noisy hardcore punk with male and female vocals - dont expect a polished studio sound! Comes in an A3 fold out cover with lyrics, photos, tour reports etc - released as a benefit for Vegan Prisoners Support Group www.vpsg.org.

80 or so copies pressed - £2.50 UK / £3 Europe - All money from this release goes to the benefit

to order stuff e-mail dirty_little_punk@hotmail.com