Tuesday, 25 October 2011

back with a bang!

"I'm coming back, I'm coming back, I'm coming back to you......"

Been a while since I updated the old bloggeroonie, life's been a bit mental since getting back from my jollies in South East Asia, six of the craziest, exciting, full-on, most fun filled weeks of my life. To be honest, it's 3 months later and the dust is still settling from that trip, but hopefully I'll be able to form my experiences into some kind of coherent, meaningful prose in the near future.

Ploppy Pants issue 14 is in production, it's gonna be the final issue. It will have a lot of stuff on South East Asia (interviews, articles, reflections) plus a look back on 10 years in the DIY h/c scene, and hopefully it will be 'interactive' with this Blog (does anyone bother to follow web links out of zines?) Ideally I'd like to make up a couple of mixes of bands we played with on the tour and have streaming here on the Blog, if anyone knows how to make that happen shoot me a mail!

Ok, enough of my rambling, here's some good stuff to keep ya interested.

Fist up is Vaarallinen, pretend Fin's from sunny Singapore, the land of soya ice creams and cigarette free streets (ha!) We didn't play with these guys but main-man Hafiz Bastard did come and hangout with me, Munky and the Injakmati boi!s while we were budget rocking it on the airport floor (for such a hot country their airport was a bit on the nippy side!) Respect to that man and his worldy-wise noise punk!

Next is Daighila, another band we also didn't play with (can't remember why?) but we did get to hangout with the singer Duan and guitarist Amir a lot, thanks for the hours behind the wheel guys, it's not a real tour unless your driver is A. Drunk and B. asking you to explain what dogging is! I also had the pleasure of catching their live show when I was lording it up in Malaysia with Scenery is Free's Matt Norr for a week before the tour, killer live show all the way, their drummer especially had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Good news for Plop fans is that these guys are 100% down for a Euro tour next summer, reversing the book expensive plane - go tour trend, so go support them. If you like intense, well written, moving hardcore sounscapes then you will not be disappointed!

Chef of Atomgevitter fame has also bigged these fellas up on one of his many here today gone tomorrow blogs, you'll find a few download links there so you can rock out S/E Asia style on yer ayepod