Wednesday, 26 October 2011

grind, mince, simper, Moray or Malaysia, all just 3 chords and an angry loon

Not sure if its a reflection on the style, or music in general that you can take any two very distinct corners of this ball of hot rock we call earth and find and find any number of bands playing music which to the average listener might very well have been written and performed by the same group of Muscians. Art imitating art imitating art imitating life?

Be this as it may I still love listening to raw grindcore, maybe its the comfort in familiarity, maybe its the addict like need for a fix of more and more aggressive and violent music taken to its logical extreme, maybe its the enjoyment in seeing DIY artistic expression in action, or maybe its the simple thrill of the existence of something so ridiculous - I guess it's a mixture of all these factors put together.

The first link here is for a project of Atomgevitter bass man Munky Munkhouse's one man show Corrupt Humanity. I love the raw energy here and spur of the moment feeling, without the sense that its all gonna collapse into a total mess. I also love the fact that everything was written and produced and recorded by Munky himself, taking the idea of the simplicity of the genre and DIY ideals to their logical conclusions.

Q. Could someone like Munky produce a series of records which people would genuinely believe were written and performed by a full band. A. Syphilitic Vaginas.

Corrupt Humanity - Grind Against Humanity

Second group is Hatred Division. The Unholy Grave rip-off/tribute artwork should give you an idea of where these lads are coming from (always lads in the raw grind world eh!) I love the rehearsal tape as a demo mentality of these guys in an age of (relatively) cheap studio recordings, praising the tape machine recording as an aesthetic in itself. I also really like the fact that the singer Sham is also the singer of enigmatic and habitually overworked SMG, themselves also well known for use of the lo-fi productions. How much expression through the medium of grind does one man need, obviously more than you might first think!

I'd also like to say what an honour it was to share a stage with SMG at our first concert in Kuala Lumper - that steamroller of a live experience is one I will never forget, thanks guys!