Wednesday, 26 October 2011

more noise punk for the masses

Right, the hour is fast approaching where I need to leave my nest, jump on my iron horse and "get my ass to mars" (read: college) but before I rock it here's one last ramble.

Mark from The Wankys has been accused by many of bringing the word FUN back into the DIY scene in the UK, and I definatley wouldn't disagree with that, he's also shown what it really means to be involved in the DIY scene by self releasing a lot of his own material, a lesson a lot of self professed DIY bands, eg. all the crap internet bands who spend all day e-mailing poor bastards like me saying please release our badly recorded crap, there is not enough landfill in the world, could do with learning. A word to you guys - It costs about £400 to release 200 7"s, if the 4 members of your shitty band don't have faith enough to invest £100 in it then why should anyone else? Anyway my love of the Wankys is well known and it was my absolute honour to join them on their USA tour last year and to release their "Please For Fuck Me" flexi disc (still available from a lot of Distros - google it!) but to have been able to write and play together with Mark and the equally infamous Beryl in our own noise punk combo Formby Channel for me will always be my most FUN memory of this man .

If you've yet to hear our racket here's one song from our debut 7", also released by Mark (not because he had to I might add, we turned down 2 lucrative record deals to release this DIY) and if you want to complete your Formby Channel discography you better track down a copy of the fantastic Down Town Noisepunker volume 3, I think I've seen it uploaded on blogs somwhere..

if you like what you hear contact Mark directly through the Noise Punk Records website