Wednesday, 26 October 2011

speak Finnish or die!

This link turned up in an e-mail during the week, nice surprise! I met Harri from Perikato this summer in Brighton, and we enjoyed a tasty if over priced vegan lunch together courtesy of the Cosmic Commander's Loving Hut (Londons pay according to how much you respect my crazy world philosophy system is much better, and cheaper.) Anyway I knew Harri and his partner played in some kind of sludge band but I was very surprised and happy to get sent this link 4 months after the fact with a little note apologising for not sending the physical cassette. No problem Harri, I'm selling all my records and tapes anyway, and I know money is tight at the moment, all that kilju wont pay for itself!

anyway not sure what the lyrics are about here, but I think one song definitely has fuck fuck fuck as a chorus (that's about as far as my Finnish stretches)