Monday, 21 November 2011

Would you gamble with your life?

War All The Time in my mind are still a 'new' band, but they've actually been going at least 5 years. Musically they aint trying to re-invent the wheel, just a rock solid mix of Totalitar, Discharge and Doom, but lyrically they punch way above their belt. No worn out clich├ęs about war and, er, war for these guys but some cryptic poetry that actually makes you stop, think and consider, something our average 'd-beat' band lost the ability to do a long, long time ago. I sent singer Rob a question about the first song from their 12" LP on Yellow Dog records, La Resaca, as it's become a bit of an anthem for me over the last year - enjoy. Also check out the download for the bands full discography at the end.

Hi Rob,I guess I just wanna know what the first song from the War All The Time LP, La Resaca, is all about? I myself have found the lyrics to be pretty powerful and a bit of internet research pulled up a novel with the same name which seems to have some similar themes to my interpretation running through it (if it is touching on the novel is there an English translation?) or am I way off the mark and it's just a song about table football.

Rob: Firstly I've never heard of the book, so that's a coincidence. that song, like some of the others has a double meaning. Resaca in Spanish means undertow (as is when the tide meets land etc), but in colloquial Iberian Spanish it means hangover (from booze/drugs). This was the start of my writing these words. So the song itself is about people who have lived a life on the fringe - whether it be activists, artists, life long doleys or whoever – and then change as they get older. It basically asks if it is possible to resist burnout and stay true to ones beliefs and dreams. The other side of my thoughts as I was thinking about this was the effect that substance abuse has on this process of burnout - and on my own life in this respect. As with many WATT songs there is layered meaning (hence our thoughts in naming the band - WATT in the big bad world as well as WATT personally.)

La Resaca.

would you gamble with your life

to leave this pit of iniquity

the flame is doused,

drugged and doped

as the rip drags us under

would you take me

under with you

War All The Time 2006-2008