Sunday, 18 December 2011

Black Leather Terror and the Hammer of Hell

The latest lp from Syphilitic Vaginas, Alpha Antichrist, is a total belter and I've been been rocking it a lot while tearing around town on my bike, no red light is gonna stop you with White Line Black Fever rattling through your skull. As a band I think their releases have constantly improved and this rocker just keeps stoking the japanese thrash worship locomotive. get on it!

here's the only interview I've ever seen with the band, from way back in 2008, nicked from metal maniacs web page, enjoi!

Metal Maniacs: Since little to no info on Syphilitic Vaginas exists, how about some — when did you guys form, what were your initial goals, etc.?

Syphilitic Vaginas: SV start in late 2005 to spread gospel of black engine motor punk like HIV virus. We are: Yusuke Flamethrower — Goat Horn On Wooden Coffin, Haruko Outlaw – Chainsaw & Black Lung, Masaru Iron Bitch – Loud Thunder & Chief Satanician. SV rule the planet with iron fist you no need any band else, we are god of metal.

MM: So far, there’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding Syphilitic Vaginas. The (mostly) Japanese titles, the ridiculously small pressings, the obvious G.I.S.M. reference in the band moniker, rumors that you guys are involved in Netjajev SS, perceivably seeming Japanese yet releasing (most of) your records on an American label…is this all by design? Or do dudes care too much about such (sorta-) periphery things and not enough about the music?

SV: We have nothing to do Netjajev SS. He asshole. RFL Records send us custom part for our bikes in trade for songs, why that SV record in USA mostly release. Yes, design is placed big important for us. Satanic is essence of Nippon hardcore never die.

MM: Still, wouldn’t you agree that the context in which something is placed does help dudes understand something a bit deeper or more fully? Meaning, if they new your actual country of origin or what other bands you played in, etc., that they’d have a more qualified appreciation of what SV is doing?

SV: No, we no allow to perception people our power in a free way. Our majestic tyranny is to imposed for maximum effect, not pussyfoot!

MM: Now, about that music: Total ripping Jap-punk/speed metal, obviously nodding to the evil undertones of G.I.S.M. and Ghoul, but I also detect some mid-’80s English Dogs and Losing Control-era Broken Bones. Maybe even cooler: you’ve posted a Bathym cover on your Myspace page. Discuss the role of punk vs. metal in the Syphilitic Vaginas sound.

SV: Is devil hardrock sound = metalpunk. We make no big difference between, metal is punk, punk is metal.

MM: However, do you think the Jap-punk fetishizing goes overboard in SV? I mean, the HUGE hair, which may or may not be your real hair – and of course, the (mostly) Japanese titles, which may or may not make any sense.

SV: SV only use real hair, not wigs like Toxic Holocaust. Yes, we are fetish band. Everything out of control now no return. Fight for imperial Japan or die, we have no choice. Try join shield society but no take we’s punx, too bad.

MM: In other words, is SV a tribute or a parody, or maybe both? If both, isn’t that getting a bit too postmodern, like some university thesis or something?

SV: SV is real deal, Nathan-san. Forget G.I.S.M., Ghoul, Zouo, the other all because SV the only true Japanese metalpunk avalanche!

MM: What’s really cool about SV, though, is that you dudes are really drawing out the proto-black metal in that quintessential Jap-punk sound. Do you think the aforementioned likes of G.I.S.M. and Ghoul were aware of Bathory, Venom, Sodom, and Sarcofago back in the day and that they, in fact, integrated some influence from those bands?

SV: Who cares? They all passé. Quorthon is dead. Sakevi paint with crayons. Michiro Endo is pubrocker.

MM: The 12″ is being reissued by Hardcore Holocaust. But why now? Does this mean that unlimited-edition releases will soon be forthcoming? Maybe a discography CD? Or will you guys forever keep it “cult”? I know that SV will always be an underground thing, but I’d like to think your music’s worth hearing to more than 155 people…

SV: Hardcore Holocaust offer us multi million contract for the record plate. Yes, all upcoming record will press in five-digit edition to pay for our big gasoline cost, jail bail, alcohol and hooker. Discography CD later with many unrelease bonus track for fucker.

MM: Lastly, what does the immediate future hold for SV as far as releases go? And as for the band’s sound, how do you see it developing? Gnarlier, or more tuneful? Hell, maybe something like early Tokyo Yankees…?

SV: New split 7″ EP and repress of s/t cassette EP with bonus tracks. Also t-shirts, and headline Wacken Open Air.