Sunday, 4 December 2011

"over the top into the machine-gun fire, your going to die"


Dè ghnothaich a bh’ aigesan ri Englander?

Carson a bha e a’ cogadh?

Cha robh càil ann a-nis ach cluiche chairtean gun sgur, gun sgur, anns na rumannan beag ìosal ud mar bhogsaichean, gun fhios cuin a bhuaileadh am peilear.”

bho Bùrn le Iain Mac a' Ghobhain


What business did he have with the English?

Why was he at war?

There wasn't anything to do now but play cards endlssly, endlesly, in those little low rooms, like boxes, without knowing when the bullet would strike."

from Bùrn with Ian Crichton Smith

These words from Smith's classic anti-war story Bùrn leapt out at me as I lay reading them in the bath tonight. What business do we have with this government, with the banking system, with capitalism? Why are we all so scared about their possible collapse? why are we fighting so hard to keep them afloat, when in the end we are just sitting alone and afraid in our little box waiting for the cold midnight knock.

The world belongs to us all, lets take it back!