Saturday, 14 April 2012

stoater-heed min!

"Peeking on your eBay, staying out of sight, bidding bidding bidding, get the price thats right"

Ah who could forget the motor-classic that was "Smiling Like an e-Bayer"? You did? Well don't forget to bid on what's left of my Motorhead collection. I'll put up a bunch of record everyday, together with banter and Motorfacts. What better way to waste 20 mins of your life than browsing my auctions?

and whilst we're on the subject of Motorhead, here's my pic from one of the Motorhead fanclub magazines from way back when, a chuckle that will only waste 20 seconds of your life

Nope that's not me with the boobs, or the Hamster, or the massive amount of Motorhead records (though that could be YOU if you win all my auctions).

Yup, that's me with the belter of a set of curtains. I think I buttoned my shirt up coz I didn't own a Motorhead t-shirt (no internet for buying merch in the old days kids!)

listen to this while yer biddin!