Friday, 25 May 2012

Glasgow Punx Picnic 2005

In August 2005 we took it upon ourselves to organise the 'Glasgow Punx Picnic.' Kelvin Grove Park was chosen for the 'picnic' (the pics reveal quite clearly that the food was of the liquid variety) and The 78 (cannie mind what is was called then) was chosen for the afternoon gig part of the day. As the pics show it wasn't a super busy event, but more folk came for the gig that didn't stay for the mash session in the park. The bands that played were Cobra The Enemy (first gig?) Bud Hoskins (first gig?), and d-beaters Ruin stepped in to replace Belgian ska-core punks Far To Close, who it turned out had not even been asked to come over, good old punk organisation eh?!

Anyway much fun was had by all, and I'm hoping this years 'Wee Fest' will be a similar affair, except there will be camping. And I wont have to shit in the bushes. 

enjoy these tunes while looking at the fogies.

(Bud Hoskins also released an amazing 7" which is still floating around in distros - get it!)