Monday, 21 May 2012

three of the best

There is nothing punks like more than lists, especially lists in multiples of five. Well this particular list is in a multiple of 3. It's for all the Glasgow hardcore kids I've overheard talking about how oldschool everything from 2003 is, three of the best hardcore ep's ever to be recorded by punkers from north of the border. Download, enjoy, and seek out the originals for the sleeve notes, booklets, artwork etc, all the stuff that mattered before the interwebs came along, and remember 'hardcore' does not have to mean throwing yourself about like an inconsiderate arsehole, being unflinchingly nihilistic or worshipping some kind of macho body aesthetic - leave that bollocks for the Slayer fans.

Nation Of Finks - Return of the Pissed Off Bastards.

An absolute belter of a hardcore record, almost perfection, pulling no punches lyrically but keeping it's head firmly screwed ON, something a couple of folk involved in the scene could do with spending a little time sduying! Here's the review of this classic from razorcake zine.

"Fast, catchy hardcore with European accents, a lot of the back-and-forth drumming technique that made F.Y.P famous in the '90s, and great song names to boot! Oh yeah, the cover artwork has an amazing depiction of a bloody-nosed Nixon punching the shit out of a fat Elvis. Good stuff!"

Members of this band were/are also involved in Shank/Atomgevitter/The Endless Blockade/The Process/Ex-Cathedra/Fleas and Lice/etc - join the dots yersel.

Download it here

  Scatha - Fuck The System.

I was told that 'Fuck The System' itself was written as a bit of a throw-away track, and it is certainly quite different from the tunes Scatha belted out on their two lp's (which are also both highly recommended, and available here.) However, there is nothing punks like more than shouting 'Fuck The System' and so it doesn't take a rocket scientist, or even a Hardline fan, to figure out that this track was gonna be a winner, and luckily for Scatha the other tunes on this ep are also fan-thrashi-dosi!

Best and only Scatha gig memory: Their final show at Studio 24 in Edinburgh, too stoned to stand before they even got on stage, stummbled into the street, fell in a taxi, managed to get to a house I didn't know the address of, pissed in the kitchen sink rolled myself up in the carpet and passed out. Meanwhile Jeeves was kicking in toilet doors at the venue thinking I'd passed out with ma breeks roon ma ankles. The glory days indeed.

Members of this band were/are also involved in Shank/The Process/Disafect/Sedition/etc etc

Download it here.

You may have noticed that name Shank twice now, do you like 'powerviolence'?  you should check out this link here right now.

Quarantine - Junction 10.

Got turned on to this band by the Chef, he's a good lad sometimes. Melodic hardcore without stupid faux american accents and a shiny production, aka good. It's raw and raucous like all good hardcore should be. Quarantines lp is also grade A Scottish hardcore gold, I'm sure you all know how to work google.Never had the chance to see these guys (not that i saw Scatha) so I'll just let the music do the talkin'. Dig it!

members of this band were also involved in Ruin/Disafect/Debris/notice a pattern yet?Download it here.