Thursday, 28 June 2012

Oi Polloi / Na Gathan split 7" - limited copies available!

NOTE: revised the post paid prices after a trip to the post office, records are still being sold at cost price.

A few goodies have arrived at 4298 towers this week, ready to be sent snapped up by all you post-oi, street crust thrash loving unicum guzzlers.

First up I have a few copies of the split 7" I released for Oi Polloi's European tour available for sale, as you can see from the pics this future classic comes on yellow vinyl, has a full colour sleeve, nice obi over wrap, a twelve page booklet, 4 stickers and a patch!

bot Oi Polloi and Na Gathan provide seven minutes of raging Gaelic punk.

UK copies are £6 postpaid, €10 for Europe and $15 world

Also arriving this week were some copies of the Black Sister / Krupskaya split tape that was released back in 2010, which features a compilation of split 7" and unreleased studio tracks from both bands. Check the reviews from Short Fast And Loud zine to give you an idea of what the Black Sister stuff sounds like.

tapes are £3 postpaid in UK, €4 Europe, $5 World

to order stuff e-mail