Monday, 23 July 2012

Its a punk rock life 2012 vol. 3

argh argh argh, writing a travel blog is more tiresome than I thought it would be, well who cares how sunny and awesome Switzerland was, how draining 48 hour bus rides are, or what the best vegan snacks to be found on the continent are anyway, if your reading this blog you were more than likely just trying to download the new Polloi opus for free (or so my patented plopmaster 5,000 statometer tells me).

For the record, travelling around Europe by bus was pretty cool. On each bus I met a fellow traveller who enlightened my life a little, at each stop I spoke with local people who opened up my world view a little, and I saw a lot of places which made me stop and think about my place in this world, all of which probably wouldn't have happened if I'd been getting shuttled around in a squeezy jet.

While my whole journey wasn't killer cheap compared to the flying option, that was only because of the expensive Eurolines buses I took, and according to the Megabus drivers, there are plans to launch Megabus all over Europe in 2013, so a £2.50 return ticket from Glasgow to Berlin, or Budapest might not be too far off!

Returning to Scotland I've been splitting my time between study and travel, successfully hitching all over the country, the thumb is alive and well in 2012! My latest journey took me as far north as Fraserburgh to watch Filthpact play a shambles of a gig where the sound man didn't know how to operate his PA, the highlight of which was probably a half cover of Pentagrams 'Be Forewarned' with Teababgs on vocals - no shit!

I guess this photo sums up my visit to Fraserburgh:

This is near Granton, where I stood for two minutes before getting picked by a retired cop who drove me 150 miles and bought me a coffee at Dumblane services:

Musically things are winding right down again, however there just be a little mileage in this five piece if we can get some studio time under our belts:

Big cheers to M and S for organising the mighty Wee Fest on Cumbrae, next year will Blow Your Speakers big time!

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