Friday, 31 August 2012

"Say eh to a peh" - The Dundee Dinner, a vegan take on a rural classic

While some of the fine examples of Scotland's healthy diet, such as the deep fried pizza and deep fried mars bar are now fairly well known, at least within the UK, there is another heart crusher which has remained a bit of a regional secret, Dundee's pie roll. Pretty much what it says the tin, this delicacy involves simply putting a scotch pie inside a soft roll or, if your feeling particularly unhealthy, an Aberdeen buttery.

Many a cold morning of my misspent youth was warmed by the simple fatty snack, and so today I decided it was time to reclaim this heart breaker for the vegans. 

The basics:

two Linda Mac sausage rolls
a white roll lathered in marge

The next level shit:

fried onion
mixed leaf salad

this will slow your body down in the best possible way - enjoy!