Sunday, 14 October 2012

attempting to cook from the book

There must have been a time in my life when I religiously adhered to the recipe book, but I'm fucked if I can remember when, and last Sunday reminded yet again why I gave up with the finer details of the cook book years ago.

A good friend got me a phone book sized vegan cook book for my 28th birthday, the expensive kind, the kind you could hold a door open with, and that's pretty much what it had been doing since I received this thoughtful gift. I felt bad, my 30th birthday is fast approaching, I needed to use the book at least once.

Last Sunday was gonna be the day. I had a load of carrots I needed to use, and in my gaff that can mean only two things: carrot and lentil soup and carrot cake. Surely this tomb of vegan knowledge would serve me well?

hmmmf.Its always gotta be wanky hasn't it, you cant just have a carrot cake, its gotta be 'tropical'. What do they call a regular old carrot cake when they make it in the tropics? Anyway since I didn't have a pineapple to hand I winged the following recipe, and while it might not be as 'exotic' as the one extoled in the cook book I hope you'll find it pretty damn tasty.


290g of self raising flour
1tsp all spice
1tsp cinnamon
120g melted marg
180g almond milk
220g grated carrots
120g muscavado sugar
170g rasins
pinch of sugar.


carton of tofu (the one you can buy of the shelf, costs about a quid)
two table spoons of white sugar
pinch of vanilla
some cashews

To cook:

put the oven on at gas 6

mix all the dry bits, add all the wet bits mix well and make sure there are no flour lumps

split between two 9" cake tins (I could only find an 8" and a 9" tin

shove in the oven


the recipe in this book says 20 mins, mine took more like 45, keep an eye on them from 20 mins out, use the clean knife trick, dont let them burn, everyones oven is different, etc!
The icing / filling which you can see below was just a carton of tofu zapped with some sugar and cashews and a splash of vanilla essence  It would have been better with some avocado in it and a bit of orange zest, but I didn't have those things in the house. the bunny was done using a shape i cut from paper, learned that one back in school!I put it in the freezer for a bit to help the 

Next up was the soup. There was a recipe in the book but it had some stupid ingredients in it. Carrot and lentil soup has the following ingredients.

some lentils, soaked over night
some carrots, chopped nice and big like you see in the pic
1 onion
garlic to taste (3/4 cloves)
some frozen peas
2 teaspoons of veggie stock
some water

sauté the onion and garlic, add carrots and peas, add everthing else, bring to boil then simmer until tasty. I also shallow fried some thinly slice waxy potatoes as a wee 'crouton' treat, very nice indeed.

Right, not sure what the moral of the story is except stay vegan, stay posi and keep on shuffling!