Thursday, 18 April 2013

Brendan Brazier - vegan athletetics and sports nutrition

When I first became interested in 'getting fit' I figured I'd need to do some research about diet and exercise routines since I thought as a vegan I might be disadvantaged compared to meat eating athletes.

Brendan Brazier's book 'Thrive' was the first book I got my hands on, which suggested that I was not only not in any way going to be disadvantaged as a vegan athlete, I would also have an edge over people who follow a mainstream exercise program.

I found the diet and nutrition information contained in Brendan's book to be eye-opening and really helpful in creating a successful diet to complement my training program. The book also looks at the basics of a sound training program which i also took on board and adjusted many of his suggestions to suit my own training needs.

If you are at all interested in vegan nutrition, vegan athletics or  vegan bodybuilding then I highly recommend this video where Brendan discusses many of the points from Thrive in a lecture to the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.