Sunday, 14 April 2013

low carb vegan eats

After 6 months in the gym I figured it was time to trim down and see what was hiding under my, admittedly very thin layer of body fat. To be honest its my stomach that I've been targetting with this diet and after just 1 week the results are showing. Hopefully 3 weeks will reveal my inner vegan poster boy.

Anyway if you wanna try out a low carb vegan diet here is some of the meals I ate this week, hope you feel as inspired as I have.

'raw chowder'
base: cup of sweetcorn, cup of cashew, one large courgette - zapped in blender
add: diced carrot, celery, another cup of corn, shredded sea weed, salt and pepper to taste.
side: tomatoes and chili sauce.

peanut butter, vegan mayo, cuc and carrot sticks.

'protein platter'
raw broccoli, cuc and tomato + 150g of smoked tofu diced.
the green stuff next to the broccoli is peas,spinach, a pinch of salt and the juice of half a lemon I zapped with the blender - yum.

'chowder salad'

chowder from before, this time as a side + a dark leaf salad with hemp oil dressing.

'roast tomato soup'
18 tomatoes and two bulbs of garlic roasted for 45 mins in the oven with olive oil, chucked in the blender and zapped with smoked paprika, herbs, salt. some frozen peas then added and stirred through to allow them to defrost.

served at room temperature with 150g uncooked smoked tofu - yum!

On a side note, I had a terrible craving for chips after a week of this kinda grub. Ate some last night, felt great at the time and terrible after. back on the fruit and veg!