Sunday, 14 April 2013

Readers Discharge

I just got back from driving Hungarian crossover punks Crippled Fox round the UK and I think it's fair to say that a blast was had by one and all. Front man Atilla (the Hun!) is stand up fella who has a lot to say, and he lays it down in issue one of my new zine Readers Digest, which you can download here and enjoy gratis!

Crippled Fox to me are a great example of a band that plough the more metallic side of the DIY scene without losing sight of the politics, convictions and ethics that make this scene so amazing. If you like DRI, Sucidal, Heresy, Ripcord etc etc your gonna love Crippled Fox

check out their latest album for free here:

and if you dig it, hit them up for a physical copy, its available on tape, vinyl and cd!

As well as Crippled Fox the zine has some stuff on Discharge, gig reviews, vegan recipes and a feature on the old Swiss band The Decay. 16 pages that will be a more productive 20 minutes of your life than trolling facebook.

Making a zine is a lot of fun, and feels much more concrete than transitory blog posts, but it also costs a bit of cash and appeals to a very niche group of people so hopefully doing a run of 100 copies and having the PDF available online will keep both digital and oldschool camps happy.