Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Eagle is Landing

Now two days since I saw Saxon in Glasgow, still on a massive come down, hopefully I'll be able to put my thoughts on the night together by the weekend. What i will say is that it was probably the best Saxon concert I've seen, which when you consider that they have been going since 1976 is nothing to be sniffed at. Their new album Sacrifice is a real return to form with only 1 or 2 clunkers and some absolute belters, and it I felt so proud for them that they could play 5 songs off their new lp and get a great response to them all and not just polite applause.

I got linked to this vid from the Saxon forum. I can really identify with this mans energy and enthusiasm for Saxon, their music is a drug that gets under your skin. What a hero, I wish my name was Biff Byford as well. I might not have bought it in the 80's but I rock my Saxon scarf with pride as well - Never Surrender when your Backs Against the Wall!