Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Back in the Kingdom

I had an awesome day cycling around Fife yesterday, easily clocked up 35 miles soaking up the sun, visiting a load of my old haunts and seeing some real changes here and there.

The first one that really grabbed me was the municipal skip outside the village of Ladybank. that Skip litterally used to be 5 big skips where everything was dumped together. The majority of my early record collection and teenage fashion items were either extracted from that skip or paid for with money made selling stuff I'd taken from the skip. The skip is still there, but 16 years of progress have transformed it into an enormous recycling centre. As I cycled past a digger was working its way through a pile of chipboard two storeys high, feeding it monotonousnesly into an enormous chipper, yesterdays cheap kitchen is tomorrows playpark mulch. Better than stuffing it all under the ground i guess. the question we should really be asking however is whether or not there are still teenagers tearing through the trash looking for the musical diamonds?

The second big change I found were these trees. me and Matt Norr planted most of them back in winter 2006 - look how big they are! Hopefully they will still be going strong in another 7 years, nature is awesome!