Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Download: Only Stupid Bastards Don't like DIY - a v/a benefit for the 1 in 12 club 2010

Here's a comp CD I released in 2010 for free download. 100 copies were made and £200 was raised for the 1 in 12 club Bradford, none of the bands took any money from the sales despite their using up their own time, energy and studio costs  - true DIY solidarity spirit!

Anyway, if you fancy a novelty punk compilation as the sound track to the task you will be completing over the next 30 minutes you can download one right here!

like it says on the back of this little beauty:

"Twenty diy punk rock songs all called ‘DIY’ played by twenty different international diy punk rock bands, celebrating the diy attitude and raising money for The 1 in 12 Club, Bradford, England."

The 1 in 12 is a self-run, autonomous social centre run by its members, established in the early 80's which is still going strong, but is right now in desperate need of a new roof which is going to cost something in the region of £10,000.

more info about the 1 in 12 club here

100% of the money raised from this cd is going directly to the 1 in 12 club, I'm paying all the production costs myself, so please support the club and check out some cool international hardcore at the same time!

First press is 100 copies, it has a fold out sleeve with info about the bands and the club and comes with a couple of inserts. Hopefully it will sell well and a second press will follow rasining even more cash.

heres a list of the bands on the comp, they're all on myspace if ya wanna check them out.

1. Dog On A Rope [England]

2. Betercore [Netherlands]

3. Cannon Fodder [Russia]

4. Cress [England]

5. Golden Starlet [England]

6. Keller Assis [Germany]

7. Chix ‘N Dix [Canada]

8. Lepeselony [Hungary]

9. Murder Disco X [Germany]

10. Over The Top [Germany]

11. Dislecksick [Canada]

12. Jumbled [USA]

13. No White Rag [Italy]

14. Opstand [France]

15. Atomgevitter [Scotland]

16. The Bollocks [malaysia]

17. Crippled Fox [Hungary]

18. Throwdown [Australia]

19. Yogyakarta [Singapore]

20. Oi Polloi [Scotland]