Monday, 26 August 2013

Crammond Island of Punk 2013

Does anyone keep track of how many times this fest has taken place? Must surely be a least 20? Anyway 2013 was much like any other year, a lot of bands - some bad, some good - an over cast day that cleared up, a shitty PA, a lot of drunkenness (perhaps a little over encouraged by Oi Polloi and the gallon size bottle of whiskey they pulled out as a prop) and a couple of fights.

Glenrothes young team - Mum and Dad were chuffed to bits!

Jim Spence - The Silverback Goosestepper

All aboard for Filthpact

Jeeves-eye view

Teabags enjoying Total Bloody Chaos

Wee Crusty Brian - Finally a punk!

Kids going wild for the Polloi

 Punx Picnic

No Compromise in Defense of our Arse


Highlights for me included:

The first band, Recovery, a bunch of young lads from Glenrothes whose parents had come along to support them, and were all wearing the bands shirts! Music was ok too!

A cup of tea and a delicious poppy seed cup cake whilst lying on the beach on the other side of the island (thanks Laura! xxx)

Ant getting naked during Oi Polloi.

Shan chat with the Nibbler on top of the bunker

The Matatunes - last band of the day who played punked up traditional Spanish music, great band and the perfect way to end the day.

Low points:

People throwing glass bottles around.

Fighting in front of the stage, if you need to do that shit you don't need to ruin everyone else's afternoon.