Saturday, 21 September 2013

xC-60x - The Monthly Mix Vol. - Cal's Discharge

First in what i hope will be a monthly series of themed C-60 mixes for you to download and enjoy at yer leisure. I'd like this to be an interactive part of the Blog so if any of you out there would like to submit a themed 1 hour mix of music get in touch, I already have a MPDS themed mix lined up to celebrate Live Evil fest next month - ooh!

This months mix is, I'm a little sad to admit, a hastily cobbled together mix of some of my fave Discharge tracks. there is nothing from the 2002 s/t lp or Shootin' Up the World simply because I don't have those tracks, both are excellent lps as far as I'm concerned. The quality of the s/t lp actually often leaves me dreaming of what could have been, I can't really envision a future where a Cal fronted Discharge returns to rock us. Having said that, I did have a dream a few weeks ago that a Cal fronted Discharge had appeared on the circuit. They were instantly more popular than the rat version and were coming out on a package tour with the metal band Anthrax playing bigger metal gigs. I went to the gig and got to meet the band back stage. I'm not what we talked about because it was about this point I woke up and realised I'd came in my pants. True story.

Anyway, the mix was inspired in part by an article posted here about Discharges 1986 tour of the USA. All the information the article references has been easily available on the internet for some time, and omits some key facts, such as the fact that the band didn't split after the tour but that Cal was actually kicked out the band and replaced with Rocky Shades, meaning there was a brief period when Discharge existed with no original members (though I would consider Gary Maloney to be one of the key members of Discharge). There are also some important articles out there which add weight to the subject, such as the interview with their 1986 tour manager, and a recent interview with Bl'ast conducted by Jamie from The Process. One other thing that bugged me a little about the article was the reference to Dissober's version of Grave New World which you can hear on Youtube. yeah its an excellent version, but it didn't come out a few years ago, it came out in 1994 - nearly 20 years ago, and only 8 years after the original.

Discharge will always be the greatest hardcore band - enjoy the mix!