Sunday, 6 October 2013

Oktober - the month of metal

October is the month when the skies become black, when the cold winds roll in and the steal the life away from the trees. October is the month when the ground begins to freeze, wilting the hardiest summer plants and forcing small animals to to take refuge in the forest and underground. October is the month of metal.

First up is a diary of the 2009 Black Sister/Step On It tour round the UK and Ireland, a time when I fancied myself as a heavy metal superstar -  heavy metal daze indeed. enjoy.

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Friday 22nd May -The Lower Deck, Dublin
As we'd arrived late on Thursday night and proceeded to to drink till well after day break it was hangovers all round today as we shuffled into the rehearsal room this afternoon. Since the rest of the boys in Black Sister live in Budapest this was the first time we'd played together in 11 months but after a few more beers we had a 15 minute set together and the bones of a new song written for our trip to the studio later in the tour, alright! The gig at the Lower Deck was well attended and the kids banged their little heads, mission accomplished.

Saturday 23rd May - A Night In The Sticks Alldayer, Wexford 

day three on the pop and it was beginning to take its toll on me, we played 3rd or 4th today to about 10 or 15 people and I felt like I was gonna die from exhaustion for the entire skull splitting 15 mins of our set. later on I got a really bad dose of the skitters, just what ya want at a festival with 1 toilet, I went to sleep with the honest belief I was gonna shit myself in my sleep.

Sunday 24th May - day off 

woke up in a tent with no outer sheet, covered in dew, next to a snoring German crusty, but i hadn't shat my pants - result! hung out and drank some tins at the festival site for a bit then went to the beach before crashing out in the tents again at a quiet bonfire party.

Monday 25th May - Sally Longs, Galway 

Its a hell of a drive today but Sean our driver does the bis, we even manage to get in some sight-seeing on the way, castles, cliffs and green fields, its Ireland right? The gig is rocking with plenty of fists in the air and Daniel the promoter looks after us well, a real gent!

Tuesday 26th May - The Pavilion, Belfast

Another hell drive, but a great gig despite there being bugger all folk there, everyone who is there has a great time, the support band wretch were especially rocking, sludgy black metal crust, several ticks in the correct boxes. finish the evening off nicely with a Saxon/Rainbow party at me mate Luke's gaff, what a star!

Wednesday 27th May - studio, Glasgow

 wake up fully clothed with a mouth like carpet, good start! Laci manages to leave the beers we bought for the ferry to Scotland in our taxi so we make 1 tin of double dutch last 6 thirsty boys for 5 hours, bad times! once we get to Glasgow we go to Tommy and James from Atomgevitters studio to lay down some new tunes we've been working on then crash out back at Tommy's several tins of Tennants the wrong side of sober later.

Thursday 28th May - the Tunnels, Aberdeen

 another early start for what should be a relatively short haul but since our driver is an hour late then we miss the right turn off the motorway and we end up drinking coffee and eating penguins for nearly an hour at me mams gaff we make it to Aberdeen with just enough time to stuff some squat slop down our necks and jump on the stage. Tonight is our first gig with Gusto Mastivo the self styled slurry loving crusty transit bandits fae up north and much carry on is had by all during their set, setting the bar for the next few days!

Friday 29th May - The Market Bar, Inverness after a liquid breakfast we pile into the vans and head with Gusto boys to go Nessie hunting at Loch Ness. I decide my search might be more fruitful if i get in and have a swim about, all i succeed in doing is getting bloody cold. I was certain tonight's gig would be crap but by the time Step On It were putting a cap on the evening almost the entire bar, drunk regulars included was either thrashing about like mad or up on their seat clapping along, did I mention this bar was about the size of a pencil-case? Comedy highlight of the evening was Laci trying to order some coca cola in the chippy before the gig, his eastern European accent implying that he would not only like the guy at the counters 'coke' but the piazza chef's as well, fucking classic!

Saturday 30th May - New Elgin Hall, Elgin

get the day of to a cracking start by watching Flash Gordon. twice. what a movie! tonight is an all-ages gig in the countryside on a Saturday night with a bring your own booze policy, its fooking mental! somewhere amongst the pyramids, nakedness and the longest rowboat I've ever seen in me puff I decide to break a black metal 12" over the singer from Gusto Mastivo's head, don't mix Guinness and Buckfast, especially if you've just tanned a half bottle of vodka.

Sunday 31st May - Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

today is painful, 10 days of solid drinking giving my body the middle finger. Breakfast of Snickers ice cream and lucozade and we're on the road to Edinburgh. good to catch up with some folks I've not seen since x-mas but the gig is pretty quiet, the folk that are there really seem to dig it though and the Gusto boys give us a decent bit of carry on out front. deciding to play Breaking The law last though was a big mistake. the night is finished off at the infamous house of crust with a bit of stoned reflection over the tour so far and a well needed early night.

Monday 1st June - studio, Glasgow

spend the morning burning up our feet doing the tourist thing round Edinburgh with the lads scraping the last of the beer money together to buy some presents for their loved ones from the poundshop. Studio again in the evening, laying down the lyrics for our latest masterpiece then its back on the T before crashing out cozied up next to Tommys washing machine.

Tuesday 2nd June - Captains Rest, Glasgow

end of the line today, final gig, and it couldn't have gone much better. the lads spend most of the day smoking their stash and sleeping it off lying around in their pants listening to God is an Astronaut real quiet while I run around town changing their merch money into Hungarian pebbles. The final gig is a belter. both opening bands, Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair and Alters are raging and there is a decent size crowd which by the time Step On It get round to bulldozing over them are in full swing. Unfortunately its straight to the airport for the lads after the gig and off into the fun fun world of the Glasgow night bus service for me. Another tour well done.