Sunday, 1 December 2013

xC-60x Vol III - South East Asia Attack!

back for another monthly installment its the xC-60x mix tape!

this month I got no time whatsoever so I could only pull together a C-30 of my fave South East Asian Bands, some of whom we'll be treading the boards with in a few weeks time - CANT FUCKING WAIT!

download, enjoy and spread around!


1. Carburetor Dung - Our Voice/The flag
2. SMG - SMG not MSG
3. Daighila - Hunt
4. The Garrison - Here Comes The Police
5. Grave Dancers -  Headbang Mosh Stagedive n Circlepit
6. Fireyjak - We Rule OK
7. Snäggletooth - To the Hounds
8. Stale Bread - Lets Cheers
9. Deadly Weapon - Howl