Sunday, 16 March 2014

Snaggletooth - Singapore

Wow nearly 2 months and no posts, what can I say, I'm a busy boy, but then it only takes 20 mins to type some bollocks about a cool band you've discovered right? So hopefully the blog will be updated a bit more regular, check back often and send me e-mails of encouragement, or links to cool bands that need to be shared, shake me out of procrastination!

Snaggletooth hit the scene running a couple of years ago and my main man Hafiz did send me a copy of their demo tape when I was lving in Glasgow, but since I never got my ass in gear to collect it from the post office they sent it back to him, another golden ebay moment out the window. Anyway, when i was over in Malaysia at x-mas I picked u the latest issue of the awesome Shock and Awe zine and there was an excellent in-depth interview with these dudes that reminded me of my post office dissapointment 2 years earlier and made the fact that we missed them at the Kuala Lumpur Chaos in Ruma Api festival by one day all the more painful.

These Singaporean waste land warriors totally nail it, the best of Motorhead meets Tank circa 1981, is there anything better? The videos of them on YouTube show them tearing it up bis style as well, surely the voice of SxE Asian metal punk in 2014?