Friday, 18 April 2014

High Spirits - You Are Here

One of the best bands I discovered in 2013 was definitely High Spirits from the USA. I guess I would describe their sound as my favorite kind of music, heavy hard-rock with a strong melodic edge, the best bits of 70's rockers like The Scorpions and UFO and Cheap Trick mixed with the youthful energy of NWOBHM. Their debut LP Another Night was a regular fixture on both my work cycle and gym workout playlists to the point where I was almost word perfect on every song, not bad for the punk who struggles to remember his own lyrics. Actually the bands x-factor is probably the lyrics, tales of love and heartbreak, passion and power, posi anthems about getting out there and enjoying life, what more could you ask for?

They toured that debut LP over here about a year ago but only made it as far north as Newcastle on a week night, and without the luxury of me own motor at that time I had to sadly let that one slide. By all accounts they absolutely nailed it on the night. I thought that was it and i had missed my opportunity to see this hot new underground band from the US, I mean I think I can count on one hand the number of DIY bands who come over to Europe on tour anymore than once every few years, so imagine my excitement when I checked out the line-up for next years Bro-fest  in Newcastle:

Not only will I get the chance to see High Spirits perform to a festival crowd but another of my all time favourite NWOBHM bands, Mythra, will also be reforming for the fest, wow!

The icing on the cake however is that High Spirits also have a brand new LP on the way, and it sounds like we are in for another belter. Roll on 25th April!