Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Vickers - Prowler

Now then, I guess most of you reading this will be familliar Japanese masters of extensive back-catalog creation Unholy Grave and their many, many split 7" singles. In fact, I'd like to know who has re-released the same song the most, Unholy Grave, Abigail or Sabbat? I'd like to imagine Takaho has a little spread sheet where he crunches the numbers under the dull illumination of a green table lamp, but given that he told me he can't even remember all the bands he has done split records with I think this may be unlikely.

Anyway! I can't remember how I chanced upon this song, I've never owned the actual 7", I must have been looking up something to with Unholy Grave online when I found out a bout this split 7" they had done with a Japanese Iron Maiden tribute band. Obviously I googled it and was shocked to actually find a video of the track on Youtube, welcome to 2014!

As anyone will tell you my first love is NWOBHM so this punked up version of an early Maiden track is mana to me lugholes. Does anyone know anything else about this group? Do they only cover Iron Maiden? I would love to hear some more tunes by this band.