Sunday, 8 June 2014


Life is, as always, full on. Coffee fueled hectic day leads into exhaustion fueled sleep filled night. Anyway, in amongst the daily grind lies the rock, several miscellaneous boxes of the stuff, and i only need one copy of each. I present to you my friends xdistrox.

send order inquiries to x4298x AT gmail DOT com

SEVEN INCHES - £2.50 each, 3 for £6 plus postage.

Thisclose - Fear and Terror EP

Final copies of the second or third press, cannie mind which, its on black vinyl anyway. Discharge style hardcore punk

Formby Channel - The Inimitable EP

Our debut 7", 4 tracks of melodic punk inspired by Toy Dolls, Blitz and Swankys. Blue vinyl

Formby Channel - Saucy Seaside EP

Second EP, 6 tracks this time, all about a trip to the seaside! Clear vinyl and bonus post cards

CASSETTE TAPES - £2 each or 3 for £5 plus postage


Second EP of positive political 80's UK style hardcore. 11 tracks

xSAXONx / Crippled Fox split

13 track split tape. Scottish Hardcore meets Hungarian crossover thrash.

Black Sister - Power From Unicum

Part 2 of the Black Sister discography. 13 tracks of harsh thrash metal compiled from various split 7", Cd and tape releases.

Filthpact - Covered in Filth

Scottish crust veterans performing covers of Motorhead and Thin Lizzy

T-SHIRTS - £4 plus postage

Black Sister - Power from Unicum cassette cover