Saturday, 27 December 2014

welcome to hell, or seitan, or some other bad Venom pun...

I've been aware of Seitan for a long time now, a meat substitute made of wheat, but since it does not seem to be popular in the UK I had never given much though to making it for myself, I assumed it would be really difficult. Well recent endevours have proven that not only was I wrong but it is also rather easy to make a protein rich, additive free meat substitute in your own kitchen. the following is not a recipe per-se but a rough run down of how I went about making my last batch. There are a lot of different recipes on the web and that's how I learnt how to do this, if you feel inspired by this run down just type seitan recipe into google and get cracking!


here are some of the ingredients I used to make the seitan dough. The main ingredient is the Vital Wheat Gluten at the back, its basically gluten heavy flour and works the same way as flour, you mix it with liquid then cook it. I used tapioca flour to give the seitan a bit more of a lift as the first batch I made was quite hard and rubbery.

I put all the dry bits into a bowl, approx

1 1/2 cups Vital Wheat Gluten
1/2 cup tapioca flour
1/2 cup yeast flakes
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1 heaped teaspoon smoked paprika

to that I added about 1 cup of cold 'veg broth' - basically some of the same stuff I would cook the seitan in which you can see in the next pic - a mix of stock and soy sauce.

once the wet and dry ingredients were mixed I gave it a good old knead, I fond it surprisingly springy and easy to work which i think was down to the tapioca. If you don't know how to knead grab a quick youtube video, its another thing which folk make a big deal about which is quite simple.

you should have something like this after kneading for a few mins, I gave mind a good old stretch out then lattaced it back together, no particular reason except it was fun

Once your all kneaded you need to simmer for 45 mins in the broth and you'll end up with something which looks like this.

quick chop up and you'll have this

and then you can make something tasty like this!

Thats it, simple as really. Normally I'd make double what I did here and eat it over the week, but i was doing this special for x-mas - enjoy!

if yie still dinnie get it watch this vid!