Thursday, 9 April 2015

Brofest 2015 -- OOOOOOOOOOOWW!!

Well February crept to a close and that can mean only one thing for any serious NWOBHM enthusiast - Brofest time! Brofest - A labour of love brought to us by a dedicated team of hard-rocking hip-swingers who spend their free time living out their Columbo fantasies, feverishly hunting yesterdays heavy-belters and persuading them to dust of their duds and take to the stage in Newcastle, often for the first time in over 30 plus years!. The line-up has always been of a very high quality, and this year was no different with Mythra, Stormqueen and Trespass just a few of the legendary acts to grace the stage. To my shame this year was the first that I managed to make the journey down to Brofest, but having followed the previous events closely I knew I was in for a hot rocking weekend!

Me an the Angel

The first day featured four acts. Openers Mandora were new to me, but really knocked me out, and set the tone for the festival - old boys back for a good time! Aye they looked a bit daft in their rock duds, but its all about the show, and these guys delivered! Here's a video wie me and Munky givin it tits down the front.

Other bangers on the first night were Avenger, who's singer was runnin about wie a chainsaw, and Hollow Ground who's singer looked like an elderly Sting and had some top banter, he was well chuffed to be bringing the day to a close and encouraged everyone to join him at the afterparty - I hope I've got that much beans when I'm his age! Whatever Sing and his chums got up to later on, I couldnie say as I dingied the afterparty and went to bed!

Who played when on Saturday and Sunday slips my mind now - Hammerhead below certainly had a few tunes, and their guitarist won the prize for oldest rocker, not sure what the prize was, a help across the road mibbie? Munky offered to buy him a drink anyway!

I'm pretty sure Trespass stormed through their set on the Saturday as well - all the hits and more, really one of the best acts of the whole weekend. And of course High Spirits made sure they could be heard 'loud and clear' on Saturday afternoon and tore through a way too short set of their Scorpions influenced US metal. Showstopping stuff!

This boy was also spotted on the Saturday, not sure if it was one of the Brofesters busking or no, prob made mair cash than the folk on the stage but....

Sunday saw the celtic contributions to the festival, First up were Chasar fae somewhere near Alloa. Really great proggy stuff with some cool spaced out jams. Some folk have compared them to Rush, dunno if I 100% agree with that, but certainly cut from the same cloth in terms of talent - great set!

Then we had the mighty Storm Queen, back from the valleys to let the sirens ring once again. I'd say I'm definately a fan of this lot and to have them smash through my two fave tunes, Battle of Britain and Captives of the Moon, as their openers was a bit of a hairs on the back of the neck moment. Hopefully I'll get the chance to enjoy these lads again sometime.

they also looked cool as!

It wasn't all old codgers however, the new blood was represented by groups like the excellent hard rocking Seven Sisters, and the doomy Amulet who had managed to find Rod Hull to play guitar for them. Two great new acts that will make a name for themselves yet!

In conclusion?

Well in addition to the bands, there was a banging after party on the Sat complete with heavy metal conga and some excellent displays of air guitar, cheap food, including veggie options on site and loads of good merch stalls and distros. Tickets were £35 - adding on hotel and travel and food I spent a bout £130 for the weekend - money well spent!!

Brofest 2016 cant come soon enough!