Friday, 7 August 2015

Scottish hardcore August 2015

I'm aware I've been posting a lot about metal lately and that is not everyone who watches the blogs bag so here's a quick heads up on a few Scottish HARDCORE acts killing it right now.

-- BOAK --

Powerviolence from Aberdeen, formed a couple of years ago now, really coming into their own, I saw them a few months ago and the progression from the previous time I'd seen them a year earlier was very evident. Taking influence from acts like Infest, Spazz and Iron Lung they make a great soundtrack to smash your head to. To date I believe they have released one 7" EP and have toured the UK at least once.


Edinburgh act taking it back to the early 80's, picking up where Poison Idea left things before heading off to metal city. Very tight live and a lot of fun, short songs, short set, short sharp shock! They have so far released a demo tape and gigged pretty heavily round Scotland, I'm sure some gigs more further afield will be forthcoming.

-- MOCH --

Again from Aberdeen (the home of all things heavy and raging it seems!) MOCH are a band I don't know too much about beyond the facts that A. they play banging as fuck Entombed/Boltthrower infuenced crust/hardcore, B. they have a 7" coming out on Distroy/At War With False Noise and C. they feature folk who played with Filthpact and Korpse.

-- VUIL --

OK I can't even go three bands without bringing up metal, but VUIl are so good! Early demos presented a more traditional black metal sound but with their latest 7" Vuil have found themselves playing a bastard hybrid of classic Accept and early Bathory - the phrase banging, coming out of Pigsy's mouth, was created for bands like this. Features Munky (ex-everything)