Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Thisclose - Chapter III

It feels to me like it took forever for this LP, our third full length as Thisclose, to come together, but after holding the vinyl LP in my hands I think its fair to say that 10 months from conception (i.e. writing the songs) to delivery is pretty good in the post record-store-day-nightmare era.

There were a lot of ideas thrown into the pot for this LP, and it is undeniably a progression from One Foot In The Grave (which had 14 tracks, Chapter III has only 8 but both have the same run time, 25 mins) and while I am extremly happy and proud of the results when I listen back I am acutely aware that time and money restraints  meant that not all of my visions for the record were possible this time round. Maybe next time eh?

Anyway, you can stream it on the bandcamp just now and the physical vinyl LPs and CDs should be available to buy through the bandcamp page in a week or so if you like that kinda thing.

keep the candle burning, ow!