Friday, 7 August 2015

xC-60x VOL VII - Asian Mix

a killer night!
Through playing in bands I have had the honour of visiting several countries in the 'South East Asian' corner of the world, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and The Philippines, and the pleasure of playing with many of the best contemporary punk, hardcore and metal bands from these different nations. This post was inspired in particular by a concert in Yogjakarta, boxing day 2013, where we shared the stage with the fantastic Exhumation, and I was positive Headkrusher had played also, but according to the poster I am mistaken on that! Certainly the quality of performance and musicianship on show from the majority of the acts left the impression of a strong and diverse scene where metal, hardcore and noise acts of equal caliber could confidently share a stage together.

This post is not however going to be a look at the Yogja scene (but that is an expose that has mileage) instead I am presenting an hour's worth of 'Asian' heavy metal for your aural pleasure. I say 'Asian' because it seems more than a little ignorant to lump acts from s many culturally and historically different nations together under one banner but for the sake of  covering 'music from those places where they eat a lot of rice that you might not of heard of' I have lumped it all under the'Asian' banner - no offence intended!

The mix is a mixture of current bands I was aware of already, others recommended to me by friends in Indonesia and Malaysia, in addition to several bands I discovered through researching the web. The mix is in no way meant to represent a definitive statement of 'the best in Asian metal', merely some cool tunes pulled together to put the spotlight on a corner of the world that deserves more international attention - give it a spin and check out the bands that get your toes tapping!

xC-60x VOL VII - Asian Mix

1. Atomicdeath - Bestial Pain (Malaysia)
2. Bloodshed - Ilusi Sebuah Mimpi (Indonesia)
3. EdanE - You Don't Have to Tell Me Lies (Indonesia)
4. Head Krusher - Street War (Indonesia)
5. Kamimaze - DewaAngin (Indonesia)
6. Lobotomy - We Are Conqueror (Malaysia)
7. Magneisum - Tell Me (Japan)
8. Nightwolf - Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (abigail cover) (Malaysia)
9. Nuclear Strikes - Megastorm Eyes (Malaysia)
10. Paganfire - Wreaking Fire and Death (Philippines)
11. Sabbat - Mions Hill (Japan)
12. Vault - Victim Of Pain (Malaysia)
13. Snaggletooth - Burning Bridges (Singapore)

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