Friday, 11 September 2015

Thisclose in America - a brief shakedown part 2.


getting ready to rock the house

The journey to Buffalo was really chilled out and a great chance for some chats with Donkey Dan and the Active Minds guys. The venue was an old house where the living room was set up like a venue with a stage and full PA. There some great bands on the bill with both Lotus Fucker and Gas Chamber opening up for us. Gas Chamber need a special mention, they are a noise/grind hardcore outfit that make some pummeling sounds, they even have an extra dude with an enormous home made noise making machine! The gig was really heaving and the audience were pretty wild for both ourselves and Active Minds with fireworks getting thrown around in the crowd during our set - certainly not like anything I've experienced before!

nice digs
Afterwords we stayed with the promoter out in the countryside, a really cool house in a beautiful spot, it felt very American.


so much water it just comes out white on the camera!
We arrived at the venue around 8pm as we had taken a detour to check out Niagara Falls (hey, when in Rome right?), however unlike most nights on this trip so far the gig really did start at 7pm or something so not only had the support bands already played they had actually packed their stuff up! Luckily most of the crowd had hung around, and after setting up quickly we plowed through a slightly shorter set which went down pretty well with the 40 or so folk who had waited patiently for us. With the gig finishing early I had visions of a nice early night - no such luck. The reason the gig finished early was because there was another gig in town that night, The Virus, so we drove over to that gig, watched another 3 bands, played some darts, and finally got to bed around 3am, after listening to a bit of English Dogs with Dusty back at his gaff.

a tasty ass pizza
We spent quite a bit of the next day hanging around in Pittsburgh, there was a delicious wholefoods place with lots of vegan options near Dusty's house and we also went also had the all American favourite tater-tots as an afternoon bar snack. The food coffin for the day was well and truly nailed shut however with an amazing vegan pizza bought in a shop across the road from the previous nights gig, if only I'd known! Maybe they could post me one over...


stop in the name of in love believe
We had a couple of free days in Detroit and took the opportunity to relax and check out a few sights including the famous Fisher Building (very cool), the beach (always a favourite), the Motown studio house (nice!)  and the new Terminator movie (bad comedy).

The gig itself was another hot one, with a good crowd, but myself and James kept getting electric shocks from the microphone while we were playing, and we had to stop a few times which sapped the energy of our performance a bit. The highlight of the gig was Spanish group Sudor who played some excellent early 80's hardcore and really shook the house down. The gig finished so late I think we had only 5 or 6 hours sleep before we had to get up and get back on the road

some more top tunes.