Sunday, 15 November 2015

2016 - Reunion nightmare continues

Well, some reunions are a nightmare, and pretty much all reunions are a cash in of some description, but I'm pretty miffed that I will not have the opportunity to catch either of these in the flesh.

First up, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow! After a 20 year absence Blackmore is back for one back account filling fortnight - 4 gigs total. Unfortunately fo myself I'm already commited to running a school trip the weekend of the UK gig - lucky bloody me. I am a bit sad that its not a proper reunion, with only Blackmore himself from any of the previous line-ups involved, but on the other hand hopefuly this will keep the songs sounding fresh, and nobody wants to see a 60 year old Graham Bonnet drunkenly flapping his wab around. 

Cant wait for the HD,3D, Blueray video of the four concerts to hit Youtube.

Banging live set with Dio from the late 70's

Next up is even more leftfield, a reunion of the original line-ip of Sweden's The Helacopters. I don't think anyone didnt expect The Hellacopters to get back together at some point - its my personal belief that all the late 90's/early 2000's groups will slowly begin to reform and fill the gaps as the older bands slowly pass on - but I never expected the original line-up to reform. The OG line up which recorded the bands first 2 LP's and many of their independent 7" singles featured Dregen of Back Yard Babies fame on lead guitar and existed for 3 or 4 of the bands 14 year career. This reunion is being billed as a one off to celebrate 20 years of the bands debut LP, the never bettered Supershitty to the Max, and I for one would love to be hitting Sweden Rock this summer. Since that is incredibly unlikely I'll have to live in hope that they do a tour with this line-up, which is probably even more unlikely, so I'll just have to make do with watching some Youtube footage sat on my own in my pants eating crips and feeling sorry for myself.

listen to the Hellacopters first LP - the Disclose of garage punk!

Hellacopters sidenote: The first time I travelled out of Scotland for a gig was to see the Hellacopters when I was 17 in Nottingham on a tour around the time of their split 10" with the Flaming Sideburns - I wore leather trousers and brothel creepers the whole time and have pictures to prove it! Great gig.