x4298x Records

x4298x is a small time record label which operates from under my bed, mostly releasing my own or friends bands on cassette format.

Most releases are available, send order enquiries to x4298x [@] gmail [.] com

x4298x 001 - Eat Yer Greens - All Dundee Vegan Punx Spend Noisy Six Months CDR - £2 plus postage.

13 track compilation crusty noise punk inspired by bands like Crass, Disorder and Active Minds, released as a benefit for the Vegan Prisoners Support Group. All proceeds from this release go to the benefit.

x4298x 002 - xSAXONx - In The Night cassette EP - £2.50 plus postage.

11 tracks of hardcore punk in just under 10 minutes. Terminal Escape described it as "The very epitome of doing something right instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and boring people to tears in the process." Features ex members of Atomgevitter and Gusto Mastivo.

x4298x 003 - Black Sister - Power From Unicum cassette LP - £2.50 plus postage.

The follow up to the Defenders of the Metal LP from 2009, this album compiles the Black Sister material from the split 7" with Injakmati, split tape with Abigail and Paganfire and the International Thash Party comp CD. 13 tracks of crossover thrash metal featuring members of Step On It and Atomgevitter.

x4298x 004 - Fuck! (It's Pronounced Shit!)  - The First Two EP's - £2.50 plus postage

The melodic hardcore sensation that took the Scottish scene by storm back in 2011 finally get a physical release with this cassette compilation of their first two download only EP's. Insanely catchy tunes wrapped in sing along, instantly relate-able lyrics make for some of the best hardcore music to come out of Scotland in an age!

x4298x 006 - Filthpact - Covered In Filth cassette EP - £2.50 plus postage (not pictured)

Collection of cover songs released by the Aberdonian crust machine Filthpact for their 2013 Irish tour.

x4298x 007 - Thisclose - s/t cassette LP - £2.50 plus postage

Reissue of the bands debut self released debut LP from 2012. 9 tracks of Discharge worship mixing the hardcore sound of the early records with the killer vocals of Grave New World to create their very own Grave New Beat!

Next Releases:

x4298x 005 - Atomgevitter/SMG split cassete EP

Much delayed split Armageddon! Live highlights from both bands!, Glasgow Scotland vs S.A. City Malaysia!